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a musing

The view from my position as a new mayor is frequently odd. Many, many times when greeted by friends or strangers, they gently touch my upper arm in a gesture of sympathy and ask “how are you doing?” in such a way that one watching might suspect I had just lost a loved one or I’d just been told I’ve only 3 minutes to live.

I wonder how many of the male mayors before me were queried so plaintively.

The truth is, I love my job. Better yet, I LOVE my job. I have yet to have had a job that offered up so much opportunity to utilize my talents, exercise sound judgment, act with discipline and direct change. It’s crazy busy and crazy good.

Of course, sound judgment is a bit subjective, but again, I am being given the opportunity to trust my instincts and the incredible people that advise me. I am surrounded by exceptionally intelligent, experienced and (added bonus) witty people that take their jobs seriously and share my delight in the daily battle for good.

The hard part is not listening to the nay-sayers, or know-it-alls, or digs by those that think I should have had our problems all wrapped up with a pretty ribbon yesterday. The greatest challenge I face is not responding in kind. It is everything not to give into my desire to joust, which is pretty deep-seated for the eldest of five. Many a night, I triumphantly slay an opponent or two in my head with a tongue as swift as sword, in order to grit my teeth the next time I must face someone in person. This ultimate opportunity for self-discipline is the truest test I have been given and has reaped me my greatest rewards.

So, don’t underestimate my angst, my anger or my pleasure the next time I smile benignly from the dais. Sometimes, when I lightly handle the gavel, I am not thinking of hurling it at someone’s head. I am waging war with myself.

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