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thirty days and counting

November 2008

1. – Re-instituted the Waterfront Commission to review and revamp the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan;
2. – brought together staff, Planning Commission members, and Waterfront Commission members to review proposed plans for the Chalmers rehab and move the project forward;
3. – made advances in our capital budget planning initiative in collaboration with the Local Government Assistance Program funded through OSC;
4. – went to Albany to the Office of the Attorney General to propose investigation and prosecution of out-of-town landlords guilty of mortgage fraud;
5. – hosted the monthly department head meeting to ensure all city governmental operations are coordinated (met with each department head individually as well);
6. – pulled together Greater Amsterdam School District representatives and a group of interested parties willing to advise in the battle against low graduation rates, truancy, and low test scores regionally;
7. – coordinated Downtown Development Committee meetings and clean-up efforts;
8. – initiated inventorying of all Holiday decorations for the City and directed that beautification efforts begin; and
9. – entered into discussions with the County to provide technical support for the computer network at City Hall;
10. – reviewed initial marketing strategies, concepts and logos from Zone 5;

I’ve also met with:
11. – representatives from the Governor’s office and the Department of Transportation to address transportation issues (traffic pattern rehabilitation according the Comprehensive Plan; and possible relocation of the train station to a multi-modal transportation hub downtown);
12. – the Via Ponte Committee to discuss brownfield remediation and neighborhood revitalization;
13. – Congressman-elect Paul Tonko to review City projects, needs and opportunities;
14. – the CEO of Fiberglass Industries and staff to discuss their $3M expansion on Edson Street;
15. – Port City Preservation to move Esquire Building Rehabilitation forward;
16. – Diane Kinard of Amsterdam Housing Authority to develop collaboration strategy for neighborhood revitalization;
17. – Senator Chuck Schumer and members of the County Board of Supervisors to discuss infrastructure needs and federal assistance;

18 – 26. – I’ve been on the radio five times, performed three marriage ceremonies, and presented one eagle scout with a proclamation of achievement on behalf of the City.

27 – 1000. On a daily basis, I receive approximately 30-40 emails, 15-20 phone calls, and track an ever-changing, nine-page, typed operational task list.

November also brought us my mother-in-law’s broken hip and the seven-hour drive each way (normally a five-hour trip) to Delaware to visit my family for three days over the Thanksgiving Holiday.

So you see, I have been offered many gifts beyond examination of Golf Course operations and in keeping with the holiday, I am tremendously grateful.

As far as the Muni goes, we have debt to consider and costly capital projects loom. Personalities must not be a part of this picture. In this instance, we should be making business decisions about a contracted service, not a particular individual.

My goals of accountability, transparency, budgeting and long-range planning remain unchanged, regardless of department. You may count on it.

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