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O God! Educate these children.
These children are the plants of Thine orchard,
the flowers of Thy meadow,
the roses of Thy garden.
Let Thy rain fall upon them;
let the Sun of Reality shine upon them with Thy love.
Let Thy breeze refresh them in order
that they may be trained, grow and develop,
and appear in the utmost beauty.
Thou art the Giver.
Thou art the Compassionate.

baha’i prayers – `abdu’l-bahá

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I’ve noticed how very ugly folks can get under the guise of anonymity. I’ve noted it on other blogs and have had some really mean-spirited stuff sent my way by snail mail, email, and sent gracelessly here as comment to my very own blog. Out of some sort of odd feeling of online duty, I’ve posted comments I didn’t care for.

It hit me tonight that unless someone is brave enough to include their name with their ramblings, I have no interest in posting malicious comments. I think it’s silly to. There are plenty of venues for cowardice out in cyberspace. Let the yellow-bellied seek their own level.

I enjoy this blog immensely. I post regularly about my thoughts, feelings, and dealings. I write extensively about my job – plans, actions and accomplishments. For those of you that don’t want to know the truth of what I do or say, please spend your time elsewhere.

May we all be granted peace.

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