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With the days getting longer, it seems that each day at work gets longer too, as I have habitually associated light in the sky with the inspiration to keep plugging away until nightfall. So it was tonight until I realized that the pile of work on my desk was beginning to feel insurmountable and that perhaps it was time to visit those people I used to know… my family.

On the way home I received a call from Kim Brumley. Kim’s been an inspiration to me from day one, as well as a font of information that she generously shares. She’s devoted to the City, her Ward, her education, her job, her coworkers, her family and her friends. I can’t ask for a better mentor or friend and it’s been a pleasure to serve with her over the past fifteen months.

Anyway, she called to tell me how excited she was about the amazing job the “Sweet Girls” (Debbie Baranello and Karin Hetricks) on Division Street were doing cleaning up and maintaining two privately owned but abandoned properties across from their business, “Sweet Ice Antiques.” Please understand that the desperate condition of these properties has caused these girls great distress over the last few years, especially since their grandparents had once owned them and had kept them in immaculate shape for decades.


After many calls to code enforcement and their alderwoman, they decided to take measures into their own hands and discovered great joy and power in being the instrument of change in their small part of the world. The once sad looking yards are completely devoid of litter and beautifully trimmed. The porches sport new latticework, a new coat of paint and there are plans for plantings once the warmer weather rolls in.

The difference to the neighborhood is striking. These houses blend again with the lovely homes that surround them; a tremendous gift from two beautiful women that are as strong as they are exhilarating. By the time I left, I could barely contain my appreciation for this amazing act.


Goodness surrounds us. Great things await us. We only need to tap into that source of love and creativity that is available to all of us. Once again, I am overwhelmed with (here I go again!) GRATITUDE for all that we have been given in this tiny, dynamic city of believers.

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