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Bill Lorensen and family recently lost all of their personal belongings to a terrible fire on Mechanic Street last Tuesday night. These included irreplaceable antiques, photos, keepsakes, coin and gun collections, as well as everything a home contains in the way of comfort.

Friends of mine and I are organizing a fund drive to raise money and goods for this family to help them through this terrible time. First Niagara Bank has lined up an account, the Lorensen Support Fund, so that compassionate souls may contribute to the future of this family. $10 or $20 can go a long way when so much has been lost. We will also set up a drop off point for goods. Please look for information in this regard next week.

The city has been addressing issues painfully raised by the fire. We are conducting a water flow test of the distribution system on the hill, a plan of scheduled maintenance is being developed, and the hydrants and water lines will be mapped and accessible via the new AFD software. We have asked for money in our stimulus request to address thirty identified problem hydrants and will fund replacement/maintenance in the coming budget. We will send a fireman or code enforcement officer to walk all of the way around the rest of the 40 buildings slated for demo in the next two weeks.

Please keep the Lorensen family in your hearts and prayers. They have seen tremendous difficulty this year. Several immediate family members have recently passed away, they had just installed a four-day old roof before the fire and had been planning to celebrate the wedding of a daughter on May 9th. The wedding is still on, but their happiness has obviously been tempered.

The Lorensen family has long been know for giving to others. It’s time to give back. Your generosity can make the very real difference in the future of this family.

Thank you, all of you, kind neighbors

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It just is.

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