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I repeat myself here: If you’re going to take shots at me, man up and use your real name. Anonymous attacks are cowardly.

Also, I may post a comment now and then that is contrary to my stance in order to respond, but I am not going to hammer on and on about material I’ve already covered. We all know where I stand.

Again, Amsterdancin’ is my world and I’ll post what I want to. Go elsewhere if you feel ugly.

Lastly, the importance of the Chalmers restoration project to the future of this city cannot be underestimated. Once completed, this $24 million dollar venture will bring $890,000 in property tax revenues, $102,000 in water/sewer fees, $180,0000 in sales tax generated by $4.5 million dollars in sales, all ANNUALLY. The 180-luxury apartments can revitalize our downtown and waterfront area in ways that will affect generations to come. It is vitally important that the City of Amsterdam support this effort in order to create an atmosphere that is inviting to other developers. Believe me, they are following this situation.

We need to make rational, informed decisions about our future. This City must be a cooperative participant in the growth of our region.

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If you hear the dogs,
keep on going.

If you hear gunfire,
keep on going.

If you hear shouts and footsteps,
keep on going.

harriet tubman – c. 1820-1913

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