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I took a walk at lunchtime today, as it’s been far too long since I’d been out and about on my own two feet between the hours 8am and 6pm. There were so many projects, concerns, costs, politics and complaints, the office air was dense with them.

I headed up Church Street with purpose, lost in thought. My eyes followed the cement walk I traveled, hit my toes and bounced to the couple of paces ahead… the sidewalk, the road, my cares and the cars speeding by, sucking dust around my feet.

As I walked, I began to observe the green to my right. The insistent grasses, coiling grape vines, and peppering of small white flowers drew more and more of my attention. Very shortly, I was looking up into the honeysuckle and choke cherries, and further into the leaning canopy of trees.

The office was a lifetime away.

It’s amazing how unabashedly persistent and certain life is. I was forced to remember this thanks to a twenty minute walk up the hill. And what really struck me, yet again, was that this City will re-emerge after its long decline, because it lives. No matter the past, the economy, the pouting or the doubt. It will come back. I realized that I believe this with every fiber of my being.

I was able to return to the office quite refreshed.

I think I’ll be taking a walk every day.

photo by Sarah Thane

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