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For the first few days of this week, I attended the NYCOM (New York State Conference of Mayors) Annual Meeting in Saratoga. Three-hundred-fifty experienced and brilliant mayors from north, south, east and west attended. We were treated to various workshops and forums about finance, operations, legislative action, ethics, and economic development. It was enlightening and inspiring. I came away with this:

1. integrity and faith above all else;
2. do the right thing (not the political thing);
3. don’t let people get you down; and
4. our reputation in this State is in dire need of protecting.

Half a dozen mayors from all parts of the State came to me (unsolicited) to find out why we’d spoil a deal with a developer for the Chalmers project in this economy. This is frightening.

Our business and community leaders need to speak out. Everything I have predicted in regard to our reputation regionally is coming true.

At the same time, Harmony Mills in Cohoes has received its written nod from HUD approving their mortgage insurance for phase two. Their mayor is thrilled.

Are we willing to let this monumental deal slip through our hands? Will you weigh in? It’s your turn to act. Call your elected representatives.


First Ward: Joseph Isabel
P.O. Box 581, 26 Yale Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010

Second Ward: Daniel V. Roth
7 Creekway, Amsterdam, NY 12010

Third Ward: Kim Brumley
75 Evelyn Avenue, Amsterdam, NY 12010

Fourth Ward: William Wills
17 Catherine St., Amsterdam, NY 12010

Fifth Ward: Richard Leggiero
101 Florida Ave., Amsterdam, NY 12010

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