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Lately, character assassination, mis-truths and histrionics have become commonplace online. It’s disappointing, as this venue has terrific potential to provide a forum for community problem-solving that does not exist elsewhere. Locally, blog conversation has been lead far astray by a select few from what is important for Amsterdam to achieve our vision for revitalization.

To try to get back on track, I thought everyone might find a peek at my task list for the next week of some interest.

It is not exhaustive; it hits on larger issues and evolves every day. Each item will be further broken down into smaller tasks. It is also not inclusive of the ten-page, typed task list I use to track each department – this is just the Mayor’s office.

Revenue Sharing/Water agreements: Town of Florida
Water distribution/hydrant strategy
Lobby Albany/feds for stimulus allocations
North Shore BOA (Brownfield Opportunity Act) – grant implementation
Waterfront Heritage Corridor/Via Ponte:
– Bridge Street phase I – street rehab; plan for parking; final DOT approval
– Chalmers project
– train station relocation – feasibility study, funding
– pedestrian bridge – design phase
Traffic repatterning
Riverlink Park:
– Phase II – design, funding, possible war memorial
– local directory handout for visitors
– Riverlink Cafe – menu online
– property assessments/meetings with owners
– photograph interiors
– art guild: business plan, follow-up meeting
– Windows on Main
– East Main Street initiative
– establish historic guidelines
– list of potential businesses
Property Disposition:
– AHA/Rivercrest partnership (scattered site HOME grant)
– advertise identified properties for sale
Habitat for Humanity – development Montgomery County Chapter
Esquire property:
– ESD response
– secure roof
– marketing
– review goals established in January/determine progress
– high speed internet at Edson Street Park
– KEM Cleaners property
– County participation/economic development forum
– study successful programs in Albany, Hornell, Utica, Syracuse, Cornell
Ordinance Changes:
– Waterfront Commission, zoning, graffiti
– final changes to printed materials
– additional copywriting/photography
– targeted ads – Business Review
Golf Course: follow up on findings by Commission
Personnel meeting:
– mechanics, codes supervisor, clerks office, APD, golf course, seasonals
Common Council:
– prepare for meeting
– fiscal responsibility plan of action
– develop regular committee meeting schedule
Neighborhood Watch initiative; meet your neighbor event – plan
Suicide prevention task force – online outreach subcommittee
City Hall:
– building assessment/budget
City Hall Technology Committee:
– email security
– better phone service
– automatic back up
– regular website updates/upgrades (possible online payment of taxes/utilities)
– record management – scanning, storage, funding
– tech support
– new server
– computer usage policy/procedures
– cameras
– citywide WIFI
– hardware/software needs
Individual meetings with each department head
NYCOM: advocacy on behalf of municipalities

Should be a busy week, as they all are.

Clearly, we’ve got better things to talk about than the gossip that’s taken over the past few months. Everyone must resolve to move away from the dark, online game of cyber-bashing and name calling. It’s pulling us into an abyss.

For all of our sakes, move toward the light.

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