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my city.

My city wakes up early.
Quietly sprawling, stretching its arms
before the sun rises.
My city wakes up early
because it knows there is work to be done.

My city keeps its nose to the grind.
Lifting, pushing, sweating,
and always keeping an eye on what is next.
My city keeps its nose to the grind
because it knows that pain is progress.

My city loves.
Not the easy kind of love, but the honest kind of love,
that tells you what you need to know when you don’t want to hear it.
My city loves
because it is loyal.

My city challenges me.
It frustrates me, and takes me places that are difficult,
pushing me to wiser conclusions.
My city challenges me
because it wants me to grow like it has.

My city sleeps hard at night.
The kind of sleep you earn by rolling up your sleeves and getting it done,
praying for the dreams of its people.
My city sleeps hard at night
because it works hard at day.

My city wakes up early.


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