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It is my distinct privilege to be here with you again this morning in remembrance of all those who have served our nation with honor. They have given us reason to pause and reflect on their selflessness and to pay tribute to their heroic actions.

On this day, we hold profound gratitude for our men and women that bravely wear the uniform of the United States of America. Their dedication to our institution of liberty has permitted us each to live every day under the blanket of their protection. As we recognize this remarkable contribution to our country, we also remember all those that left our nation’s shores but never returned home as veterans to witness these words of thanks for their sacrifice.

veteran's day 2009

Our nation’s service members, many of whom grew up in our great city, have devoted their careers to the military in order to preserve our freedoms. The military of the United States of America battles oppression and stands as a beacon of opportunity, courage and integrity for the entire world. As we reflect on these guiding principles that are memorialized across the nation in services like this one today, let us please observe a moment of silence for all those who have served our nation courageously and for those who steadfastly stand guard at this moment in history.

(For those of you reading, please take a moment of silence there in front of your screen)

We face continuing threats against our nation – against our collective and individual safety and security. As these threats evolve, so does our capacity to identify, prevent, and respond to such threats, and as such, we must recognize that those that place themselves in peril, and those that have stood against these evils in the past, deserve our complete support. While ribbons, pins and flags are symbolic of our unified appreciation for our nation’s heroes, let us choose to actively participate in helping our veterans – let us donate essential resources and volunteer time to local charities that are supportive of veteran’s causes and their families; let our government adequately supply much needed services to those that have returned from service, sometimes broken physically, and sometimes spiritually as well. Lastly, let us all offer on a daily basis a silent prayer or in a way that is as small as a handshake or a smile of thanks the recognition of all that our military members do for us.

In parting, I want to express my appreciation on behalf of our city to the many organizations that are present here today. Thank you especially to the Veteran’s Commission for your tireless commitment to our nation’s heroes and your work to represent and protect our city’s veterans. I ask all that are gathered here today also to contribute to the new memorial that will be constructed at Veterans Field in recognition of every man and woman hailing from the City of Amsterdam that has served in our armed forces. Please call Richard Leggiero (843-0808) for more information.

God Bless us all. Thank you.

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