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BUDGET 2010-2011

March 9, 2010

City of Amsterdam Common Council
Budget Review Committee
City Hall, 61 Church Street
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Upon initial inspection of the preliminary 2010-2011 Fiscal Year Budget, the following concerns should be examined and considered for reassessment of the projected budget calculations:

1. Constitutional tax limit calculations indicate an incorrect summation of the previous 5 year tax roll; error carried through remaining calculations:
• 2010-2011 calculated tax margin – $2,703,685.00
• Reassessed: $6,731,108.00

2. Charter-imposed 1% tax margin calculation contains error in tax-levy (general city purpose); error carried through to tax margin:

3. Resulting tax margin miscalculations carried through City Budgeting calculations.

4. General Revenue projections contain several line items in need of examination:
• A1090: Int. & Penalties on Real Property – 09/10 does not reflect expected revenue on foreclosure and readjustment for bad debt service. Resulting 10/11 projection then requires reassessment.
• A1130: Utilities Gross Receipts Tax – requires additional analysis/justification for projected decrease; possible amendment
• A1589 Code Enforcement Fees – 09/10 does not appear to contain nail and mail services; 10/11 projection does not reflect court fees; What is the itemization of $10,000.00 revenue projection
• A2401: Int. and Earnings on Investment – 09/10 currently listed as $2.00; Updated booking required; 10/11 projections should be reviewed once current year realized is reassessed
• A2706: GASD Contract – no change is reflected from 09/10; pay raises might not have been accurately accounted.
• A2801: Interfund Revenue – 10/11 projection should require modification to balance (Water Expenses); water interfund transfer should be examined.
• Interfund transfer from Golf not indicated in General Revenue

5. Town of Florida F2141 water revenues may be underestimated; McDonald Engineering projects additional $200,000.00

6. Water Revenue Interest & Penalties F2148 should result in increase with sale of tax liens.

7. City flat rate percentage increase not accurately calculated; error carried through remainder of calculations.

8. Personnel Services in Water Expenses should not calculate chief plant operator (Dept. Head).

9. Sewer Revenue: Flat sewer dollar difference figure incorrect in comparison of 09/10 and 10/11; Does not consider anticipated revenue from Beechnut or Industrial Surcharge; requires reassessment.

10. Sewer metered unit conversion is overestimated; requires modification.

11. Transportation Personnel Services requires modification as it does not accurately configure mechanic salary.

By copy of this letter, the Controller of the City of Amsterdam is requested to examine the aforementioned items and prepare for the Budget Review Committee a corrected projection for the 2010/2011 fiscal year budget.

Ann M. Thane

Mayor, City of Amsterdam
Chair, Budget Review Committee

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