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Confidential Aide to the Mayor

Job Description:
• Performs confidential and complex administrative functions
• Assists the mayor in evaluating plans or proposals by performing extensive research and analysis of materials
• Working with departments, committees and volunteers, assists in the coordination of economic development efforts
• Specializes in developing and implementing all facets of the marketing program
• Assists the mayor in maintaining the highest level of government services

Measurable goals:
• Conduct research to determine marketing needs
• Develop a marketing objective and plan
• Implement marketing plan utilizing a multi-phased approach
• Obtain a city web based domain
• Establish a two-way communication system between city hall and city residents, thereby creating an avenue of accountability on the part of city government
• Create an online data base for widespread communication
• Perform any other duties as assigned by the Mayor

Current Projects:
o Press releases
o Official statements
o Draft official correspondence
o Proclamations
o Social networking
o Coordinate website updates with Engines of Creation
o Provide updates to Waterfront messaging board for Waterfront Foundation
o Respond to constituent submissions to website contact form
o Research/investigation

o Currently preparing Legislative Gazette feature
o Drafted marketing strategy
o Securing voice talent, scripting, casting for radio commercials
o Devised downtown marketing strategy presented to Downtown Development committee
o Working to secure $20,000.00 marketing reimbursement from National Grid Branding Grant

Economic Development
o Compiled comprehensive listing of Downtown properties for interested property/business developers
o Assisting AIDA director in comprehensive property listing of ancillary business listings (property template and photos)
o Initiated business outreach efforts to potential developers/business in efforts to attract downtown business prospects
o Developing incubator program for Graduate Business students with area business schools to provide office space for new businesses opened by recently graduated MBA students.
o Provide aide to mayor in outreach efforts to secure OFT data center.
o Directing Year-Up proposal with NYS CIO/OFT for Amsterdam satellite office

Neighborhood Initiatives
o Direct efforts of Amsterdam Neighborhood Association
o Liaison with APD director of Neighborhood Watch
o Coordinate community events, volunteer activities.
o Liaison between community organizers and Office of the Mayor.
o Design/print marketing for publicity

Advisor to mayor
o Provide budgetary analysis
o General research and opinion issuance
o Coordinating w/ AHS in creation of Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council.
o Stand in for mayor at minor occasions in absence

Inter-Department assistance
o Provide intermittent I.T. support within various departments
o Assisted Clerk’s office in devising new proposed FOIL form and policy
o Wrote grant application for record’s management
o Assisted Transit dept. with compiling reporting

Future projects:
o Fair Housing/Rehabilitation program
o Green energy initiative/Municipal utility district


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