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Just a quick update:

1. The Graffiti Clean-up will be from Friday, July 23 – Sunday, July 25. We are starting a “paint bank” at City Hall to better match some of the structures we may paint. If you’ve got a spare half gallon or so of exterior latex from a home improvement project, contact us at my office (841-4311) and we’ll store in our garage annex.

As was the case last year, if you know of any locations that you think need concentrated graffiti clean-up attention (an abandoned property or structure owned by an elderly/disabled individual), please contact my office. Also, if you know of individuals or groups that would like to be involved, please forward their contact information.

2. Donna Dickerson has secured a table at the American Legion BBQ/Craft Fair on Sunday, August 1. We will be able to hand out information and hopefully sign up some new neighbors. We also hope to raise a little money for our efforts as discussed at our neighborhood association meeting on June 3rd. Again, anyone wishing to volunteer a little time at this event, please let me know.

3. Again, our other Association dates are:

National Night Out: Tuesday, August 3
Fall Meet & Greet (possible clean up): Saturday, September 25

Keep an eye out for more information.

I greatly appreciate all that everyone is doing for the city. We’ll get the word out and make this all a tremendous success!

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