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Update: Via Ponte Pedestrian Bridge Project

The Draft Design Report, serving to coordinate and condense background information regarding project scope and objectives, alternatives, site history and conditions is being prepared. A NEPA Environmental Assessment and SEQR Full Environmental Assessment Form are being prepared along with the supporting documentation. Required agency coordination with USCG, USACOE, NYSDEC, NYSOPRHP, NYSDOT and the City is on-going. Subsurface borings for geotechnical purposes and environmental purposes are being scheduled. Test pits required for archaeological assessment have been approved by the SHPO and are scheduled to begin shortly. Property lines and rights of way are being finalized and the process to begin acquiring necessary parcels is on-going with the NYSDOT.

Regarding engineering, approximately six bridge alignment options are being investigated. The bridge type being progressed is a steel multi-girder in accordance with the results of public feedback (votes). The “Brooklyn Bridge” concept is not being progressed, again based on the results of public feedback and anticipated additional future maintenance needs.

Straight, curved and combination alignments are being investigated to determine required beam depth, substructure requirements and clearances. Some difficulties in the proposed river pier locations have been encountered due to portions of the pier foundations of the “old” bridge remaining below the riverbed.

In order to further public involvement in the project, another Public Information Meeting just about the bridge type and approaches will be scheduled for mid-July. After that meeting, the Draft Design Report/Environmental Assessment will be circulated for review and comment. Completion of the Environmental Assessment and Design Approval is still on schedule for January 2011, as is the September 2012 project letting.

Coordination and cooperation between agencies involved has been on-going and very good. We are on schedule.


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