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WordPress is completely fussy tonight and will not allow me to align photos or print captions. So, the following are “before” and “after” photos of the new City of Amsterdam signs, starting on the West End, followed by the East End, and finishing up with the Northern Entrance on RT 67 (the Rotary medallion was stolen and will be replaced.) I’ll have to tend to the layout issues tomorrow.


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This weekend I am planning an East End Attack (Clean-up) that will be the start of a community mural project. Our focus will be on the many derelict properties, city owned and not, that line the corridor that serves as the eastern entrance to the City. I am asking for your assistance in volunteering, lining up volunteers (by calling friends and relatives directly and asking them to show up), or by offering material donations.

The following is a proposed plan of attack. I will be posting more detailed information tomorrow and in the coming days.

Friday, July 2: 9am – 4pm Front Line Invasion. Cutting vegetation, cleaning windows, picking up trash, and painting sills, doors and boarded up establishments. Also taking measurements; coordinating all volunteers in teams/dividing tasks.

Saturday, July 3: 9am – 4pm Superior Force Campaign. PAINT! Ready areas for murals. Initial artistic expression. 🙂

We need PEOPLE, brushes, rollers, trays, drop clothes, rags, buckets, sponges, rakes, brooms, clippers, weed-wackers, garbage bags and gloves. Bring what you can. Wear sensible shoes and aprons.

Please spread the word. Take a drive down East Main Street. If you are an artist, think about what you’d like to create and where. Contact me with your thoughts.

We’re looking for at least 50 volunteers. We’ll make this initial attack and then pair down to smaller groups on consecutive weekends over the summer to tackle longer-term projects (larger murals.)

The project will be ongoing this summer (and probably year) as we obviously won’t be able to eat the whole elephant in one sitting. Forward interested folks to me at: athane@amsterdamny.gov. This will have a great, immediate and dramatic effect on the east end,

and will be very cool.

To see what other communities have achieved, please see the following sites:

City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program

Chicago Public Arts Group

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