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Today was GREAT. About fifty volunteers showed up for duty (thank you to the groups from Centro Civico, Liberty and St. Marys, as well as all of the individual volunteers that worked their back sides off all day.)

We hit vegetation and garbage with a vengeance. We loaded out over a dozen dump truck loads of our gleanings. I’m glad we lined up a second day because we really need it to start to tame this beast. Tomorrow, we need weed whackers, hedge clippers and paint brushes. We’ll prep doorways and boarded up windows with base paint and hit a few more areas in need of vegetation elimination.
The muralists can then work
over the coming weeks.

We’ve got about six muralists so far that are excited to take this on.

I loved today, but have a heck of a sunburn! (All of you, wear sunscreen.) I can’t wait to post the before and after shots tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

Hope to see you on East Main Street in the morning. The pay off in endorphins alone is worth it, but the reward in helping take back the city is priceless.

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