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WMHT-TV will feature the City of Amsterdam as part of a series of OUR TOWN videos documenting the people, places, and happenings of municipalities across the Capital Region as seen through the eyes and camera lenses of the people who live here. Residents will use their video cameras to show the heritage, personalities and unique characteristics that make their hometown “special”.

This is a tremendous opportunity for us to portray the personalities, businesses, activities and spirit of our City as captured by individuals that intimately know and love our families, teams, charitable works, and neighborhoods. These stories will collectively convey the heart and soul of Amsterdam and give the surrounding region a sense of what it truly means to live here.

My mind goes to the “Light Up the Sky” project as told by involved volunteers and organizers; the experience of a host family to a Mohawk’s Baseball player or exchange student; artists from Libery painting a mural in a City Park; the dedicated individuals that make lunch every week at the Inman Center and folks that attend; the AHS band as seen through the eyes of a student; musicians at Crossroads Church and the inpact of their joy and faith on the congregation; FMCC classes at the Mall or computer classes at Centro Civico and the experiences of their students; the commitment of staff at RCIL to clients with disabilities; Chamber mixers and the close friendships that have been formed; the extraordinary care given by healthcare providers at St. Mary’s and Wilkenson’s; planting and maintaining community gardens… the personal stories are endlessly warm and telling about our community.

The goal of this project is to create an outreach program that is intergenerational and engaging in innovative ways. The collection of OUR TOWN material will serve as the basis for a variety of related educational resources, including school curricular materials to ensure awareness and understanding of local history and civic engagement.

The OUR TOWN series will include an online community-sharing initiative that will encourage people to contribute pictures, videos and stories, as well as online forums for interactive discussion. An online OUR TOWN sampler may be viewed by clicking here.

The station will provide a training session and videotape for each volunteer videographer. Taping will occur over the span of a designated week in the coming months and then be edited into a final version by WMHT-TV. The resulting product will be shown at a screening event in the City later this fall and broadcast to the viewers in the tri-state area.

We will be announcing the date of a community forum to discuss this project with interested videographers in the very near future. We expect that the screening will be in November.

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