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I welcome the opportunity to match my record point-for-point with the former, part-time mayor.

Having taken over from him immediately following his time in office, it has taken years to address administrative shortcomings he left behind, including:

• his lack of oversight or ability to progress capital projects; i.e. Bridge Street, Riverlink Park Phase II or Church Street;

• his failure to proactively address long-standing infrastructure problems involving deteriorating water lines, hydrants and valves;

• his disregard for goals established in our comprehensive plan:
– no attempt to improve our downtown, gateways, greenways or traffic patterns
– no plan for neighborhood engagement or revitalization; and

• his failure to discipline or address employee issues, such as overtime, poor performance or theft of time; and

• no attempt to improve our identity or image in the region. We didn’t even have a city website.

In fact, he eliminated the economic development department during these critically competitive economic times.

I ran because I saw the same old faces doing the same old thing and nothing changed. The former mayor had his chance to serve four years ago but was never in the office. There was no plan and there still isn’t. His time has past.

I’m quite proud of the 60-70 hours I put into this commitment and my record. Please see my State of the City Speech for my long list of accomplishments. Again, I’m willing to go down this list and compare performance.

Our City deserves better than the failed practices of the past. It demands the rapt attention I’ve given it and nothing less.

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