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It’s telling that my opponent has sent out a mailer that talks about a budget proposal that was made but never implemented, features a photo of me that is very unbecoming, and makes disparaging remarks about me.

The mailer does not talk about his time in office or reference accomplishments.

The mailer does not offer a glimpse of his plan for the future.

The mailer does not tell us anything about my opponent except that he is willing to engage in the dirty politics, a practice that drives qualified people away from involvement in public service and reduces the election process to meaningless rhetoric and ugliness.

How disappointing and weak. It is a political equation that doesn’t add up.

Our voters deserve better. I’d rather focus on what I’ve done and what I plan to do in the coming years as Mayor. Please see my complete platform, past, present and future, at www.mayorthane.com. Thanks.

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