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Letter to Montgomery County Republican Committee Chairman Joe Emanuele, Montgomery County Democratic Committee Chairman Bethany Schumann-McGhee, City of Amsterdam Republican Committee Chairman Vito “Butch” Greco, and Montgomery County Democratic Committee Secretary Thom Georgia

Dear Joe, Bethany, Vito, and Thom,

Thank you for generously spending time to discuss global topics of concern related to our community. Those that look to you for leadership should note your courage and sincere good will in pioneering this endeavor.

Briefly, we touched on the following points:

1. This was a meeting of party leadership to discuss global, non-political issues and initiatives that both parties may support. It had never been our intent to overstep the authority of elected officials by dictating policy or manipulating budgets.

2. Problems faced by our communities are common to all of us as residents of the city. We are interested in identifying areas in which the parties may provide collaborative solutions, even if they are very basic in nature, that are beneficial to our taxpayers.

3. We spoke broadly about: obstacles and issues that hinder effective and efficient government; communication between the city and county; jointly advocating for state initiatives that may be beneficial to our residents; and the willingness of party leadership to provide guidance across party lines to any elected official when called upon.

4. We agreed that government benefits when intelligent, committed individuals with pertinent qualifications and experience become involved at either an elected or appointed level, regardless of political affiliation. To that end, each party chairman will provide the Mayor with the names of recommended candidates to fill vacancies on city boards and committees.

All in all, this was a very positive first step in fostering a new air of diplomacy in our city. This is vitally important to reshaping our identity in the region and will strengthen the faith our residents have in government. On behalf of the people of Amsterdam, I appreciate your cooperation in this dialogue and look forward to future opportunities to share thoughts and concerns.

Mayor Ann M. Thane

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