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You know, I’ve lived through many a Common Council meeting but some are more difficult to sit through than others. Of course, we have a Madam of Misinformation that takes every opportunity to come to the podium and share rumors, conjecture, suspicions or outright lies as gauzy truth. Tonight, she intimated that we were only a few thousand from our debt limit and that we couldn’t afford to bond for much needed projects and equipment. This is far from the truth, as we are only at 23% of our borrowing limit, but this is yet another example of how incorrect she is in most instances.

The really low point tonight happened when Anthony Leggiero took to the stage to hammer this administration for ignoring the needs of Ft. Plain after the recent flooding, an act on his part that was so blatantly, politically motivated that it would take first place in a Repugnant Contest. To suggest that we would not care about or wish to respond to the needs of our neighbors is hideous. If this guy had been sincerely worried about our response, he would have called my office days ago to express his concerns and propose action. He never would have waited to spring this tirade in front of cameras and the press. How loathsome.

His rant also indicates how little he understands about a community reeling from tragedy. For the first few days after a natural disaster, residents, the municipal government, and state agencies are going through triage, assessing damage and working out a response plan. We certainly want to do everything in our power to help, but will find out first what is specifically needed in the way of labor or equipment. To shut down Amsterdam operations for a week as suggested by Leggiero and run off in the middle of an emergency, uninvited and unadvised, would be completely irresponsible on a number of fronts. We will reach out to the communities to the west as soon as these rolling weather emergencies have begun to recede.

My heart breaks for those so deeply impacted by the recent storms and, yes, I pray for swift recovery. I pray for the families and businesses that have lost so much. I pray that we will all pull together and get through everything that is thrown at this region. So, we will call and find out what we can do, where we can be, and what we can bring. We will help.

Our small city really does have a big heart, but sometimes, I just have to shake my head at some of the poor behavior I see.


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