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just plain busy

Kind of tired tonight and happened to be glancing through my calendar since the beginning of the year. Now, I know why I’m a bit drained. This is what I’ve been doing (not everything – just highlights related to my job. I have a whole life outside of the office too!):

Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council (MVREDC): weekly conference calls, biweekly meetings in Utica, planning for this year’s fourth round of funding, planning for the symposium in April.
Meeting weekly with new controller Matt Agresta; reviewing finance department priorities, operations and predictable tasks. Finalizing corrective action plan.
Meeting: investor interested in development of east end mill buildings.
Engineering: weekly departmental review of operations and projects.
Arts Center: help facilitate 4H, upcoming art exhibit, classes and promotion.
Committee of the Whole meetings / Council meetings.
Department Head meetings: coming together of all departments to facilitate communication, problem-solving.
Rotary meetings.
Landbank Advisory Committee meetings: prioritize projects, develop strategies for neighborhood revitalization and funding of our efforts.
Via Ponte / Waterfront Heritage Brownfield Opportunity programs: closing out Phase I, moving to Phase II – review inventorying, environmental assessments and planning for downtown redevelopment, train station relocation, and future traffic/parking solutions.
Community Action Committee meetings with GASD, SMH and various not-for-profits.
Reinvent Yourself Amsterdam” Committee meetings: launching citywide health program
Spring Litter Pick Up / Spring Fling: setting up dates, materials, etc.
Economic Development meetings: weekly, with URA, AIDA and Community & Economic Development department, as well as once a month with County.
Meeting: Matt Ossenfort to discuss health insurance and MOSA.
NY Rising meetings: plan for hazard mitigation related to economic development efforts. $3M available to the City of Amsterdam. 
Meeting with Secretary of State Cesar Perales to present code enforcement tracking software proposal with the City of Schenectady and the Center for Technology and Growth. Letter of request then drafted and sent to state.
Meeting with Senator Chuck Schumer and County Legislators to discuss city/county priorities.
Meeting with new HUD representative to plan for event targeting community revitalization, health and housing issues.
Meeting with Congressman Paul Tonko and Canal Corp to review progress of Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook project.
Meeting at Bacon Recreation Center to discuss success of Department of Juvenile Justice grants and programming at Bacon and the Creative Connections Arts Center. State would like to use us as a model for other communities.
NYCOM ethics training and legislative update sessions in Albany. Meetings with Comptroller DiNapoli, Attorney General Schneiderman, Canal Corp Director Stratton and other dignitaries from the Capital. Reception at the Governor’s mansion.
Called together County, FMCC and Fulton County representatives to discuss shared service opportunities in anticipation of this year’s budget and funding through the MVREDC.
Wrote and delivered State of the City Speech.
Yep. Busy, busy, busy.  🙂

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